Are you seeking the person or what they can do?

I have met a lot of people, especially in my time traveling around the world. In my years of meeting people I have yet to meet a person that likes it when you appreciate what they can do for you more then you appreciate them as a person. Think about your best friend, parents or children, how would you feel if they appreciate the fact that you can bring them places, give them money or care for them. But as for you the person they never seem to take time to realize that appreciation for you as the person is more important than what you can do for them. Now let’s take it Spiritual, how many times have we asked God for the healing, the providing, the teaching, or delivering? Think about it, you’re asking him for what He can do for you! Why not ask him for the Healer, the Provider, the Teacher or the Deliverer. By asking him for who He is, you show that you love and appreciate God for who He is not what He can do for you.
So on this week and forevermore “Lord I pray that I want the Healer more than the healing, the Provider more than the providing, the Teacher more than the teaching and the Deliverer more that the delivering.” In Jesus name. Amen.

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