Thankfulness instead of Complaining

So many times in our lives we allow the cares of this world to consume us. Let’s be realistic you are going to go through some downs times, we all will go through it. But let us pause for a moment, somebody somewhere has it worst. In the United States alone you have people who live on the streets and have no food to eat. But let’s broaden your mind. In some countries people don’t have a system called welfare or homeless shelters, they truly have nothing. In America, if someone is dying and goes to the hospital regardless if you have the money or not the doctors will try to save you. In some countries, if you don’t have some money upfront, they allow you to die. So how can we start being thankful for what we have instead of complaining? 1 Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks in all circumstance; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Think about it on today and be blessed.

The year of the Lord’s favor

In Isaiah 61, the author speaks about the year of the Lord’s favor. Now think about this, a year is 365 days that essentially means that every day is the Lord’s favor. So every day you have the opportunity to wake up remember that you are living in the year of the Lord’s favor. In the beginning of the Old Testament, the Spirit of God hovered on specific people for a certain task, when they accomplished the task the Spirit left. In the New Testament, the Spirit of God fell on the disciples as they were praying in the upper room. When Jesus went to Heaven he left us his Holy Spirit that never leaves, so every day is the Lord’s favor. Start proclaiming it.

You are heard and you matter

We go through life wanting to be heard, we want our voices to matter. We want friends, family and co-workers to hear us when we speak, to listen to what we have to say. Sometimes they don’t listen to us and that in turn makes us feel like we don’t matter. God always listens and you always matter to Him. Joshua a man, just like you are I are mankind. He did not have any super powers, he was just a man. But he said something and God listen. Joshua said to the Lord “Sun, stand still over Gibeon and you, moon over the Valley of Ajalon” So the sun stood still and the moon stopped. Wait a minute, you mean to tell me that he told the sun that shines over us, that no man can control to stop and it did, and also the moon? Yes, that is exactly what happened. This is what I love, Joshua 10:14 “There has never been a day like it before or since, a day when the Lord listened to a human being. Surely the Lord was fighting for Israel.” Just like God did for Joshua, he listened to him and allowed what Joshua said to come to pass, God listens to you and will let what you say come to pass. But it comes with obedience. This week keep this in mind “Surely the Lord will fight for me as he did for Joshua” You are heard and you matter!


Not every child has the opportunity to hear that they are important. Some, unfortunately, grow up with parents or guardians that never told them that they were loved or important. Some didn’t have the opportunity to even grow up with a parent or guardian. Some adults today still may not have heard that they are important or feel that they are. But let me tell you about a man that thinks you’re so important that he died for you. Yes Jesus! You are of value to Jesus, and his love for you cannot ever be measured. Most people know this scripture John 3:16 for God so loved the world that he sent his ONLY son to died…I don’t know how else anyone can show you, unconditional love, even though some deny Him he still died for them too. This week no matter how you feel, know that you are IMPORTANT to the King of Kings. 

Are you seeking the person or what they can do?

I have met a lot of people, especially in my time traveling around the world. In my years of meeting people I have yet to meet a person that likes it when you appreciate what they can do for you more then you appreciate them as a person. Think about your best friend, parents or children, how would you feel if they appreciate the fact that you can bring them places, give them money or care for them. But as for you the person they never seem to take time to realize that appreciation for you as the person is more important than what you can do for them. Now let’s take it Spiritual, how many times have we asked God for the healing, the providing, the teaching, or delivering? Think about it, you’re asking him for what He can do for you! Why not ask him for the Healer, the Provider, the Teacher or the Deliverer. By asking him for who He is, you show that you love and appreciate God for who He is not what He can do for you.
So on this week and forevermore “Lord I pray that I want the Healer more than the healing, the Provider more than the providing, the Teacher more than the teaching and the Deliverer more that the delivering.” In Jesus name. Amen.