Have you ever wished you had a place where you can get everything, from clothes, shoes, groceries, car shop, nail salon, hair salon, and a restaurant? I just named a few but think about it, a place where you can do a one stop shop and get everything. What about a friend that was like that. Some people I meet have different friends for different situations, one friend that gives really good advice, one that knows how to have fun, one that can do hair and style, one that can cook and the list goes on. It’s rare for people to find a friend that possess all those characteristics in one. But let me tell you who possess all those characteristic and is all in one…JESUS! Yes, the one and only Jesus Christ. Now in the Bible, He has many names that He is called, but I’m going to go over just a few. When you need a Lawyer call on Jesus, 1 John 2:1 Jesus is our advocate. When you need a Deliverer call on Jesus, 1 Thess 1:10 Jesus is our Deliverer. When you are going thru life and feel like you can’t make it; call on the Alpha and Omega, Rev. 22:13 because Jesus is our beginning and will there past the end. When you feel like your faith is being tested call on Jesus as the Author and Perfecter of Our Faith Heb. 12:2. When you need a Healer/Doctor call on Jesus in Isaiah 53:5 the word says “by His stripes, we are healed.” You need a father/defender the word says in Psalm 68:5-6 that “He is a father to the fatherless…” There is not one thing in life that you need that Jesus is not already, it takes us to just call on Him and He will show up. On today what name are you calling Jesus!


Diamonds are something that people all over the world think are some of the prettiest kind of jewelry one can possess. It’s valuable, so much so in some countries, people kill to have it. So how are Diamonds made…they are buried under the earth and are then heated to 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit, squeezed under 725,000 pounds per square inch, which then quickly rush towards the earth’s surface to cool. The human body for a short-term period can stand about 248 degrees Fahrenheit, this shows you how hot it has to be heated for the Diamonds to be made. After they push through the dirt, they are then brushed off, and everyone only sees the beautiful Diamond. As Christians we are like Diamonds, we at times are buried in our pain, our life failures, then we feel like we are going through the fire with our marriages, family issues, work and health issues.  We feel like we are being pressed, we have to balance work, home, school, and family, and sometimes we feel like we are being squeezed and that we cannot breathe. Then comes the weight of the world, we feel like EVERYTHING falls on top of us and that we cannot move. Then like Diamonds, something amazing happens…a quick rush towards the earth surface happens, and they cool off and are made into these BEAUTIFUL Diamonds. So for us then JESUS comes along and rushes through us and gives us the strength to push through the pain, the hurt, the disappointments, the diagnosis and life itself and then we grow. We also become something, we not only become Disciples of Christ, and we then become His children. In Galatians 3:26 it says for you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. So on this upcoming week remember in all that you are going through that you are a Diamond, a Beautiful child of God, what you are enduring is for a moment.


I remember being in the hospital…16 hours in labor, crying and shouting because of the pain that I was going through. At one point I yelled and told the Doctors. I didn’t want to go through it and told the Doctors to leave the baby inside. She looked at me and said, “These few hours of pain and agony you are going through will be nothing compared to the joy you will feel when you meet your beautiful baby girl.” And… she was absolutely right! After I delivered my daughter, I forgot about the pain I just had to endure for her to be here. Trials, disappointments, hurt, pain and tribulations is the same way. We must endure until the end to reap our blessings. In life, we will go through and through and through but when we have our eyes on the prize, our eyes on our Heavenly father, then when we are going through, and feeling the pain we will hear the voice of God, just like my Doctor said…”The pain you feel, the tribulation you are going through will make you stronger, and your blessing will come. This week I encourage you to have this mindset “what I am going through is only for a season, I will come out, and my blessing is waiting on the other side!”

“Rain on me like a fresh morning dew, breath through me…”

I would like to welcome you. This corner is to share insight, share my favorite scriptures, and to answer questions.

“Rain on me like a fresh morning dew, breath through me…” This is the beginning lyrics to one of my favorite song. This song speaks to my Soul. We sing songs all the time but let’s take some time to break the beginning part down. When it rains, we get wet, we get cold and it might be uncomfortable. But the rain brings forth growth, flowers, and beauty. That’s what God does when he ‘rains” down upon us. Through life, we will get “wet” (broken, hurt, life not going how we’ve planned) but through those trials out comes the growth and the blessings. We need to allow God to breathe through us, allowing him to give life to our situations. What do you need God to breath on today?